I love lists, I really do. Every Christmas I get together with my sister (virtually most recently) to create a list of things we want to achieve the following year. As you may have guessed with the lockdowns and social distancing (along with my anxiety telling me if I leave my flat I will pass on the virus and kill someone), we didn’t cross off many of our wishes we made for last year. We did write a list for 2021 but we are allowing flexibility with completing the tasks just in case we are not able to do what we want to.

My best friend Emily has written a list of 30 things to do before she is 30 which is worth a read and it gave me the inspiration to make my own list. I am well past the 30yr mark so my list is more what I want to do before I turn 40, which gives me 6yrs, hopefully plenty of time.

  1. Write and self publish a book
  2. Go to Disney again
  3. Host and go to dinner parties with friends
  4. Have a technology free weekend away in the countryside
  5. Have a spa weekend
  6. Design and make my own clothes to last
  7. Try to be more sustainable
  8. Grow my own fruit and vegetables on my allotment
  9. Visit my family more – my parents, sister and younger brothers are in Portsmouth and my older brother is in Germany
  10. Get to a healthy weight
  11. Explore more UK cities I haven’t been to (I haven’t visited anywhere in Scotland or NI yet)
  12. Stay at some of the unusual AirBnB properties.
  13. Visit a country I haven’t visited yet.
  14. Have a rainy day fund that will cover me for 6 months in an emergency
  15. Reduce my hours at work.
  16. Create a relaxing bedroom space just for me
  17. Separate my office from my bedroom
  18. Learn a new language (German seems a good one for when I visit my brother)
  19. get an additional income source to run alongside my employment
  20. Read more books (I want to do the book a week challenge one year)
  21. Build up my blog
  22. Get my body into a healthy routine to help me be more productive
  23. Run a 5k (not just walk)
  24. Do some volunteering
  25. Find ways to reduce my Co2 footprint
  26. Have less takeaways
  27. Try cooking outside my comfort foods
  28. Konmari my flat
  29. Take time for self care
  30. Save for a trip to Japan (I want to stay in a cat hotel!)

What would you put on your list? What life milestone is next for you? Any tips for completing any of my goals? Leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you.


  1. Ooo I love so many of those and some we can do together for sure! Like the dinner parties, I want to throw some so we can take it in turns! As well as a tech free weekend in the countryside it can be a girls weekend ❤ You can do it girl and I will help you. Love you x


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