Today, it is time to talk.


February 7th 2019 is the Time to Change day dedicated to talking about mental health in the bid to end the stigma around mental health and end discrimination. This year’s theme is the ingredients used to start a conversation about mental health.

1 in 4 people every year is affected by mental health problems. A lot of people, who you may not even suspect, live with mental health issues, those that are not physically unable to live a normal life, but those whose mind works against them making everyday tasks take more time and effort to complete.

You can have no idea how a simple conversation can help a person open up about how they are feeling unless you start that conversation. It can be over tea and biscuits like the picture above illustrates or it could be a walk in the fresh air, all it needs is no judgement, no pressure, just a willing ear.

Today I am going to be taking in a large supply of biscuits, tea and coffee into work. I plan to leave it in the break areas and hope people use it to have a talk. We have had posters up around the building about today for about a week but that was the only sign of any plans for the day. I do not want this opportunity to be wasted as I have personally benefited from conversations about my mental health problems. I want more people to be able to open up without fear or pressure so I am willing to make the first move and hope to start the change.

Do you have any plans for today? What ingredients would you use to start a conversation about mental health?




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