As many of my friends and some random strangers who bring up the subject know, I love doing escape rooms. The first one I ever did was at Escape Reality in Coventry when it only had the original 6 rooms. Since then, I have completed all 6 of those rooms and got out of 5 (I will get out next time Alcatraz!). I was so happy when I heard they were getting 2 new rooms. Now I had the opportunity along with some of the Coventry Bloggers to try one of the 2 new rooms – and just as expected, I loved it!

Down the Rabbit Hole is now Escape Reality in Coventry’s hardest room. Based on the topsy-turvy tale of Alice in Wonderland, the room does an amazing job of making you feel like you are part of the tale yourself. Even before you step into the room, the design of the hallway draws you into the story. With beautiful artwork, puzzles that fit perfectly with the theme and the wonderful staff fully getting into character help me forget the reality that I did not escape in the hour.


I would not like to spoil the surprise for anyone planning to do this room, it just may pay you not to think too deeply into things as like when Alice went to Wonderland, things are not always as the appear to be, sometimes you need to be a little mad! Just follow the White Rabbit and try not to be late to the Queen of Hearts tea party or you might just lose your head.

If you are new to escape rooms or just not ready to jump into the deep end with the hardest room, Escape Reality have 7 other rooms for you to try all with their own theme and tasks to do. In each room you can have between 2-6 players, if there are more of you, try 2 different rooms and see who gets out first!

The Heist was the first room I did, which was on a date (not the first one in case he wanted to kill me – also why I didn’t do a horror room, didn’t want to give him ideas). You are a criminal who has planned to steal a painting without setting off the alarms, all within an hour. No need to be a criminal mastermind but it does help!


Next I did Scarlett which is one of the horror rooms. This is the one I got out of the fastest, mostly because I didn’t want to stay in the room with a haunted doll longer. This one I did with one of my best friends Jennie and she ended up telling me I was bossy but it was just that she wasn’t doing stuff fast enough – plus she was the one that had to deal with Scarlett, I was not touching that doll! We didn’t even book this room, we just turned up on the day to see if there were any rooms free we could do, this is not a good idea if you have a specific room you want to do but if you don’t mind it’s a possibility but no guarantee.


I next came back for my Christmas work party for a team building exercise, there were 10 of us and they had booked The Asylum and The Heist so I was automatically put in the second horror room with ghosts and sinister goings on. As we had the perfect 5 female and 5 male team members we did a girls vs boys games. The girls won easily in 55 mins while the boys had to be given 15 mins more which the staff were lovely enough to give them. I think this was the first time I found out which Hogwarts House some of the Escape Reality staff are in while we were waiting for the boys to finish their room.


Soon after, back with Jennie and another friend called Sarah, I attempted Alcatraz (the bane of my existence). As previously stated, I didn’t get out of this room though we did have fun dressing up as there was a lot of props around. Your team gets split into 2 teams and are put in different cells next door to each other. I had a cell to myself as Jennie said I was too bossy!


Next was Murder at Whitechapel which is another horror type room where you have to work out who the murderer is while he leave you gruesome clues to follow. There were a couple of big personalities in this group (just me and best friend Catherine) so there was a bit of who could be the bossiest of them all with no clear winner. We still worked well as Catherine and I bounced off of each others ideas – everyone else was just letting us shout ideas at each other while working quietly themselves.


Jungala was the final one I did before the new rooms arrived. Sarah came with me to do this room and I was back as biggest bossy person again. Based on the board game Jumanji as you may guess there is a lot of animal based tasks in this one. The torches you get given are extremely useful in this room!


The staff are wonderful, so accommodating and always passionate about the rooms and happy to chat about almost anything before and after you have finished the room. I have tried 3 different escape room companies in Coventry, one in Portsmouth and one in Southampton and Escape Reality Coventry is the one with the best staff. I can’t wait to go back and try Tortuga Pirates.

Have you tried any escape rooms? What are your experiences?



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