Is it just me or has this year flown by? The year feels like I have done so much and yet also seems that I have missed out on several things at the same moment. Although it feels like 2018 has been a bad year overall for me, I still remember so many lovely things that have happened over the 365 days. My aim is to highlight these good moments to cherish and carry a positive attitude into the new year.

1. Birth of my first niece

My older brother Colin and his lovely partner Eli had the most gorgeous baby girl I have ever seen (though I may be a bit biased) and bonus is I won the sweep stake for her birth day. Born in May, Eloise is turning to such a happy and extremely curious little girl. With an English father, a French mother and growing up in Germany, she may not be talking yet but when she does it might be hard to get her to stop talking (as she currently loves to sing). I got to meet her in person in person over my birthday in December, she had me wrapped around her little finger straight away!

Xmas bushbaby

2. Spent lots of time with my adopted niece, Lily

When Emily had her little gem in August 2017, I knew I would be spending a lot of time trying to steal her. I have had the honour of watching this beautiful, energetic and funny little girl go from a tiny sleeping baby to a toddler who has started taking her first steps. I am so proud of Lily and how much she is learning, her mum has done a fab job!

I’m so lucky to know these two beauties

3. Started writing again

I have had difficulty focusing on tasks, so I have tried to do little by little. Blogging has helped me get back my love of writing without being under too much pressure as the posts can be as long or as short as I need them to be depending on my mood. Previously I would write short stories or novellas back when I was able to focus so being out of it so long was really making my mood worse, but I have started these sorts of stories again as well, though taking my time.

4. Did more sewing

I used to love sewing when I was in school. After I went to university I stopped several of the hobbies I had previously enjoyed. This year my aim was to get back into some of my hobbies as a way of keeping myself busy. I have now made one dinosaur, and 2 dragons. One dragon is now in Germany with Eloise, it was a fun adventure to meet her.

5. Had a great support network of friends and family

I have had some tough times this year and I don’t think I would have made it through without some of my best friends always being there for me. My sister is and always will be my best friend, we act as each others therapists. Catherine, Sarah and Lisa have always turned up at my front do with support packages of chocolates when I needed, even when I have not felt so social. Jennie has always been a willing ear and happy to act as a distraction when I need it. So many others have made my life fulfilled that it is hard to list everyone. I have both new friends and old friends, all are so important to me and will definitely be carried over into 2019.


This is just some of the amazing things I have had the opportunity to experience. I am so glad I had the opportunities to make these wonderful memories. I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings. What memorable moments do you have from 2018?


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