I love this time of year, there is always a air of excitement and with the big jumper, hats and gloves – it has a strange sense of warmth. I am not keen on the people who go mad and seem to think the Christmas season starts at the beginning of November because it doesn’t. What I do love is the increase of delicious foods and amazing flavoured drinks, all bring a taste of the season with the spices and all the trimmings.

I was lucky enough to sample the Esquires Christmas food and drinks, which are now available for everyone to try, and I do recommend going to try them – they are delicious and beautifully made. I went with my friend Emily and some of the Coventry Bloggers, the staff were lovely and really made us feel welcome.


The drinks that are available are:

  • The snowball hot chocolate which is a sweet blend of almond and s’more syrups with coconut milk and a generous amount of whipped cream. If you do not have a sweet tooth, this chocolate wonder may not be for you, but you will be missing out if you don’t try it.
  • The gingerbread latte, a coffee with the subtle gingerbread syrup. The gingerbread flavour is not overpowering, I could seriously drink loads of these! Each one came with beautiful latte art, ours were done by the lovely Thom.
  • The golden flat white is a regular flat white with a Christmas sprinkle of gold dust on top. If you prefer a simpler coffee to warm you after some Christmas shopping, this one would be wonderful to sit down with.

The food that is on offer is amazing, I still haven’t managed to try everything but I have tried several of them (and I am aim to complete the set as soon as I possibly can). So far I have tried the sticky toffee cheesecake (which is heavenly), the gingerbread and chocolate orange muffins, and the winter slice. My mouth is watering while I am typing this, I can’t wait for more of these treats.

The sticky toffee cheesecake and the mince pies are both gluten free which I was surprised with, my younger brother is celiac so I always had the thought that I just didn’t like gluten free food (after trying a lot of his alternatives when I was growing up), I may now have been converted by this cheesecake!

The muffins were delicious, I especially loved the chocolate orange one as it was soft with a gooey orange centre. It was like a jaffa cake but larger and melt in the month good.

If your taste head towards the more savory, do try the winter slice. The golden pastry covers the gorgeous turkey, bacon and sausage filling. I was planning on sharing my slice with some of the other bloggers but it turned out not to last long enough for that, I practically inhaled it.

What items on the menu tickle your fancy? Have you tried any of the new menu?


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