Adulting is hard. The budgeting, the working long hours, paying bills and trying to eat right by getting at least a couple of fruit or veg a day (this doesn’t always work out). I moved away from home when I went to university so I learn pretty quickly how fast I could end up using my budget and how expensive fresh food can be. Every so often (nearly everyday) I wish I could go back to being a kid again so I would have less responsibilities. I thought I could relive my youth when I was invited to soft play with Emily and her daughter Lily, then I heard of Ballxrs. A ball pit bar in Coventry sounded the perfect mix between adulting and keeping some of my immaturity.


When I first got invited to Ballxrs I was really intrigued, I had imagined a small sized ball pit that you could sit in and relax with a drink, I was so wrong. The ball pit was a lot larger than I imagined. It was a small sized swimming pool full of shiny, white balls of potential. Getting into the pit was also like getting in a swimming pool with a ladder watched by one of the lovely bouncers. I feel like it is hard to explain how amazing and fun it was without sounding like I am using innuendos. The level of balls was perfect, just up to my chest, and laying back was like falling into a cloud made of bubbles. I really got to live ‘The Big Bang Theory” by hiding under the surface and popping up in random spots.

Now I did have a few concerns, which always comes up when alcohol is in the mix, which was what happens if someone is ill in the ball pit and how hygienic something like this could be. My mind was put at ease when I found out how they cleaned the pit, a machine that collected all the balls, cleans them and then pops them back into the area.

Not only was there the ball pit, alcohol, a mix of older classics and newer music, and individuals bookable booths but there was also a lovely outside yard with games like beer pong, connect 4 and Jenga (which I was not good at) which gave you a little bit of quieter space. I had such a great night, I can’t wait to go back again.

Have you tried Ballxrs yet? What good memories remind you of your childhood?


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