I recently had the opportunity to sample the Christmas menu at Coventry’s Cosy Club. My gorgeous friend, and mother of my adopted niece, Emily asked me to be her plus one to the event. Now as most of my friends know I am very food obsessed, so obviously I replied ‘what time should I pick you up?’.

On arrival, we were offered a drink at the bar. The staff were so friendly and really happy to help with drink recommendations. As the evenings driver I went for a diet coke (until I noticed the delicious mocktails – I recommend the pink lemonade). Once we were seated it started to feel like Christmas, with a gold cracker on the plate and the ‘Seriously Glorious Christmas Menu’ to select from.


The wonderful thing with this as a Christmas meal is that you do not have to pre-order what dishes you want, you make the decision on the night. This is great for me as I am generally a bit indecisive and have a tendency to change my mind as well as having an awful memory.



Everyone gets the same starter, a platter with a wide array of delicious bite size treats. On the platter you had smoked salmon blinis, Cumberland pigs in blankets, halloumi and sweetcorn bites, slow-cooked pork belly bites, baked Camembert and a mushroom, tarragon and chestnut pate. All of it was so moreish I could have happy sat with the whole patter to myself, I tried everything, some more than once (thanks to Emily’s lactose intolerance and dislike of fish)!

I really enjoyed the sizes of not just the starter bites but also, the main and desserts did not disappoint with the portions. I have had Christmas meals in the past where I have been hungry an hour after. With the Cosy Club I could hardly finish the main and really struggled with the dessert and just managed to finish it (as I shall never be beaten by food!).


For my main I opted for the halloumi and winter vegetable wellington. The vegetable simply melted in my mouth, I don’t normally like sprouts but I am pretty sure I may kill to eat them again! The wellington was crisp and was well accompanied by the creamy mash and gravy.

Emily went for the vegan option (which I may have sampled a bit of as well because FOOD!), which was the beetroot, carrot and parsnip pie. Not only was it vegan but it was also gluten free. As my brother is celiac, I have a love/hate relationship with gluten free food (mostly hate) but this pie was delicious.


When our lovely waiter Sam brought out dessert I was almost asleep, I was so contently full. Lucky I wore my stretchy underwear and trousers because I needed it, there was no way I could miss trying the chocolate brownie and cinder toffee trifle! It was so difficult to finish as I was so full but it was so creamy and rich I could not put my spoon down. Again I could not resist trying Emily’s food (she had to put up with so much with me), I was in heaven, I just could not believe that her dessert was also vegan, I don’t know how the chefs managed to make the chocolate so creamy without any milk products, they may be wizards!


At the end of the meal we were given a mince pie and it really was Christmas come early. It really tied up the meal with a neat little bow. If you live anywhere near a Cosy Club, whether you try their Christmas menu or their regular menu, you will not be disappointed with the quality (or the quantity). I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

What are your plans for your Christmas meal, with friends or family?



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