I recently went on holiday with my family for a week. I travelled to my hometown of Portsmouth and then we travelled on to the Isle of Wight.

I love the Isle of Wight, it is where my parents always took us for our holidays every year. I remember joining in with the party dances and can still sing all the words to the Haven Holiday Club song. I have been to several of the sites of the island, normally in a caravan but also sometimes in a tent. This time, for my sister’s birthday, we paid out for a lodge with a hot tub – luxury.

The issue was, although the hot tub was lovely (the starry evenings were so peaceful and relaxing), the lodge we stayed in was in a very secluded area surrounded by trees and as such, did not have phone reception or access to the sites wifi or my phone’s data allowance. We were completely isolated from the rest of the world for the week.

There are a lot of things to do and see on the island, my family always gets the bus freedom tickets for the week (£55 for up to 5 people for 7 days jumping on and off buses is a bargain and handy if you don’t have specific destinations in mind). We spent a lot on time on buses, especially enjoying the open top bus tour of the Needles.

The evenings were a bit harder to find things to do as my whole family is too old to join the kids clubs and the bingo finished by 6pm (no wins this time :(). We did walking in the evenings, down to Shanklin beach which was just down the road from the park we were staying at, and also down a wooded path that we quickly decided would not be fun as there were animals in the bushes that kept reminding me of horror movies (and I like being alive).

We were lucky with the weather. With all the storms that recently happened, we ended up having some of the nicest weather for a while. I had taken autumn clothes with me when I really needed summer clothes.

Other than the lack of internet, the frustration of trying and failing to complete a Rubik Cube, and the baby shark song stuck on repeat in my head, I did have a lovely week – though I am glad to be back in my own bed. Have you been anywhere nice recently? Do you have any holidays planned?


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