I feel like I have been out of sorts for a while now. Since July last year I have been feeling less positive and lacking motivation. Things are not back to 100%, but it is slowly starting to move in the right direction.

Recently, I have been trying different ways to get myself motivated. I have been trying new things, attempting stuff I have never done before (such as agreeing to climb 3 mountains when I haven’t even tried one… all for charity – what was I thinking?!). There has been attempts at finding new hobbies, blogging is one of those – so you will be able to see if I keep up that hobby. I wanted to try this as I thought it would be a good way to keep track of my mood and positivity.

Another hobby I am trying my hand at is sewing. I had bid on a sewing lesson (again for charity), and won! So I arranged with the lovely lady who organised the lesson a time and date and what I wanted from the lesson – which was a sock dragon! My plan turned out to be a bit optimistic and I ended up with a very cute dinosaur teddy which I promptly named Rawr. It was originally meant to be a cuddly toy for my new niece but because I am not going to see her until December (due to her living in Germany with my brother) I felt I would be able to make another toy – preferably a dragon – so I can keep Rawr as my baby.

I have tried to keep looking forward and not dwell on the past so keeping my mind busy with new things is work so far. Have you tried anything new recently? What are your plans for the future?


Rawr (2)


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